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About Us

Announcing our new Director and Owner, Samantha Grabowski is officially taking over at Reedley School of Music! She has spent many years learning and working here, and is excited to begin a new chapter of her life teaching in Reedley.

After many wonderful years of teaching and running the business, we would like to thank Jacquie Johnson for all her hard work. She will remain an instructor, teaching music for children in our program.

We would like to thank all the community for continuing to support music education in our area! Music is a privilege and a gift to be shared with everyone, and we look forward to the coming days with new and old students in the studio.

The Reedley School of Music was established in September of 1978. Our philosophy is that "All people are musical," and for over 30 years we have been developing that ability in our students. We take pride in helping our students prepare for a future of musical enjoyment, choices, and opportunities. We are dedicated to providing the finest quality music instruction.

Recent studies have shown that children who start music, primarily keyboard, at a young age show improved reading ability and consistently score higher in math and science in school. We recognize the importance of music in a child's life; not only for the scholastic benefits, but also as a means of developing creativity and expression.

At the Reedley School of Music, our qualified instructors use weekly group lessons, combining the unique "by-ear" approach with a solid fundamentals course.

Parents attend class, each week, with their child and act as their "learning partner.”

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